Baby stick insect

As you may recall, the Little One is very keen to get a pet. And today, she has one, albeit just until this evening.

The Little One spotted the baby stick insect sitting on the rubber ring which was floating in the pool. (She has incredible eyesight…) After we rescued the stick insect she asked if she could have it as a pet. If you’d seen her pleading face you too would have struggled to say no.

So, it’s currently in a clean ice cream tub with a branch to sit on whilst the Little One gazes lovingly at it!

Only until tonight though when it has to go back to the garden…


3 thoughts on “Baby stick insect

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  2. Another pet? What happened to the glittery skeletal cat? Did she forget to feed it?
    What sort of parents are you?( Sane ones?)
    As you will remember, we had goats, chickens, cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, and goldfish which kept turning their fins up. Oddly my own beloved husband drew the line at pigs. He said the smell of goats was bad enough. More than a decade later he still has a gardening jacket which smells faintly of goat. The glittery cat is a much better option. No litter trays, no problems with traffic squashing it, won’t require looking after if you go away, won’t destroy the furnishings, won’t bite or scratch or bring you half eaten presents. Better all round.XXX

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