An impromptu birthday party

So the Little One, as you may have read, was ill on her birthday.  We did go out for the day (riding her new bike in Hermann Park, a visit to the zoo, riding a pedalo on the lake and then to the Aquarium restaurant for a late lunch) but by the time we got home at 4pm the Little One didn’t even want a piece of her birthday cake  so I knew she was ill!  (I won’t give you the full details of the evening which was made up of sickness, 11.30pm showers and 8 loads of washing.)

We had planned to go to Seaworld for a birthday treat but it only opens for 6 hours on a Saturday now it’s Autumn and is not open during the week at all (too cold apparently – I can see what they mean, who wants to go outside when the temperature might only reach 28c?!)  We were going to have a birthday tea with some friends, but this didn’t happen as the Little One really didn’t feel up to it.  I promised we’d do something once she was feeling better.

Last night, a friend called to ask if I could have her two girls for the afternoon as their nanny was sick.  No problem – the girls love having other children round to play.  Then this morning I got thinking – perhaps this could be the Little One’s birthday party.

Whilst the Little One was at school this morning (in all of 2 hours!) I arranged the party: pass the parcel, games planned, cakes made and pizza for the children to put together.

All I need to do now is to pick up the Big One and her friend from school and we’re all set.  The Little One and her friend are already very excited and have been most “helpful” in organising everything!  Wish me luck…



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