Cycling accidents and skinned knees

This isn’t a post about Bradley Wiggins!

We took the girls for a bike ride during the week. The Big One is now fully proficient on her bike – racing off chasing my Lovely Husband on his bike, stopping at all the stop junctions, riding down slopes safely and beginning to do tricks (look Mummy no hands/feet etc!)  The Little One got a new bike for her birthday (with stabilisers) and so we’ve been out and about to get some practice in before we take the stabilisers off.

American children’s bikes have coaster brakes (you press backwards with your pedals to brake) rather than using the normal brakes on the handlebars and we’ve been teaching the Little One how to use them.  She’d much rather use the normal brakes and although the bike we bought her has this type of brake too, she needs bigger hands to use them properly.

Our cycle ride took us around the roads in the community we live in – nice and safe as there is very little traffic (more golf carts than cars usually!) and the speed limit is 20 miles an hour.  The only difficulty is a small hill not far from our house.  The Little One is a bit scared by the hill and doesn’t like going very fast, but for some reason she forgot how to use her brakes on the hill and went much faster than usual.  I had to run to keep up, whilst repeating “Use your brakes!”  As she panicked about going fast she decided to steer into me and started to fall over.  I tried to grab her and the bike to stop her from hurting herself and ended up lying on my back in the middle of the road.  The bike and the Little One landed on top of me.

Luckily there were no cars around and I got a screaming Little One to the edge of the road.  She was completely unscathed, which is good.  I was not so lucky.  The concrete roads are very unforgiving and I managed to scrap the skin off my elbow, my knee, my shoulder (never done that before!) and now have a nice bruise where the bike (or the Little One, or possibly both) landed on top of my other leg!

Obviously, we had to keep cycling to ensure the Little One didn’t take an instant dislike to cycling.  So I jogged on next to the Little One, trying not to show any signs of pain as the Little One kept apologising for hurting me!

The last time I skinned my elbow and knees like this was about a year after I met my Lovely Husband.  We might have had too much to drink and decided that a piggy-back race with our friends would be an excellent idea.  Now, my Lovely Husband is just a little bit competitive so obviously he wanted to win but we ended up going so fast that we both went sliding down the road and spent the evening in a pub dripping liquid skin on the floor (yuck!)  Peeling our knees and elbows away from the sleeping bags the next morning was very unpleasant!

The injuries come perfectly timed for my return to the UK on Tuesday.  I have 3 days of meetings to attend and due to said (very childish looking) injuries I will now be bringing trousers rather than dresses.  It’s hard to look professional when you’ve skinned your knees like a primary school child.  And the worst thing was, I wasn’t even on a bike!

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