The Little One’s birthday abroad

The Little One’s birthday was last week and she turned 4.  School was closed for the day so my Lovely Husband took the day off work and we had a Houston-based adventure.  First, we took a bike ride around Hermann Park as the Little One had a new bike for her birthday:

Hermann Park

Then we had a quick wander around Houston Zoo to see the elephants, the meerkats, the reptiles and parts of the aquarium there, including the tunnel that goes through one of the large fish tanks.  The girls spent about 10 minutes crawling through here and watching the fish!

At Houston Zoo

On the way back to the car, the Little One decided that she’d really like to have a go on a pedalo on the lake at Hermann Park:

On Hermann lake

After that it was on to the Houston Aquarium restaurant where we had a late lunch.  The restaurant has an amazing and vast fish tank in the middle of it which can be seen from all the tables.  The girls spent lots of time watching the fish, choosing their favourites and waiting for them to swim around into view again.  Much less time was spent actually eating!

A quick carousel ride before we headed home – instead of horses there were sea creatures:

Then it was home for cake (which the Little One didn’t eat as she wasn’t feeling well).  It was a great day (only slightly tarnished by the Little One being very sick just as we were going to bed!)


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