Crispy English Autumn Days

The girls were delighted to get home to England yesterday.  They were pleased to be in their English home rediscovering toys they’ve not seen for 2 months, delighted to have a play date within 2 hours of getting back to Reading and over the moon to see lots of familiar people who all wanted to give them hugs and kisses.

What struck them most though was all the crispy leaves and the Autumn feel in the air.  The leaves are all golden, or orange, or russet, or beautiful shades of brown and very crunchy under foot (apart from those which are slippery where the pavement is wet!)  We all loved the colours and the girls were excited to need coats to go outside, even though the sun was shining.

I walked the mile to the station this morning to get an early train to York (after only 4 hours sleep – the girls are still on US time…) and although the air was a little cold, I didn’t need my coat and the air smelt lovely and fresh, even though we live near the centre of town.   I miss that crispy Autumn air and the smell of smoke from wood fires in the evenings.  The remote control gas ones in the Houston house just don’t cut it, even if they are far less hassle, and we never really need to put them on – we’d overheat!

We miss the different seasons too.  Although it is officially Fall (Autumn) in Houston and it is definitely a little cooler than it was, it is still warmer than most Summer days we have in the UK.  Some of the leaves are turning burnt orange and deep reds and perhaps the trees will be a little barer when we get back next week, but it still mainly feels like Summer to us.

The pool is mainly out of action now as it’s down to 21c most days, which is a little chilly for full body immersion.  It is still nice to dip your feet in though.

When we’re in Houston it is very difficult to believe that next month is Christmas.  There is no lack of festive merchandise in the shops and the Christmas events all begin after Thanksgiving next week, but without the chill in the air and the need for a fire in the grate in the evenings or at the weekends, it just doesn’t feel right somehow!

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