Thanksgiving Tree

For those in the UK, it’s Thanksgiving Day here in the US and we’re currently watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on the television, which is amazing!  The girls have loved the cheerleading, musical set pieces and tap dancing, as well as an enormous Hello Kitty floating over New York!

We were up early again today as the girls are still suffering from jetlag (5.30am – so it’s getting better slowly!)  I couldn’t stand the thought of watching hours of Disney Junior again, so instead we started a little craft project: a Thanksgiving Tree.

We cut out a tree and then the Little One coloured it in.  We cut out some leaf shapes and coloured them in all the colours of Autumn (Fall) then both girls wrote things they are thankful for on the leaves:

and we stuck them to the tree.  It looks very pretty and it’s nice to record the things we are grateful for.

Thanksgiving Tree

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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