Sweet Valley High

When I was a child one of the highlights of my week was when the library van (a big lorry that had been converted into a small library) visited our village.  We lived in a little village and the library van visited once a week and we were able to request books that would then arrive the following week.

One of my obsessions for a while was a series of books called Sweet Valley High and I read every book in the series (a quick web search tells me that there are over 150!)  When these ran out a friend and I started writing our own stories to add to the series.  This kept me entertained for a good year or so when I was about 10 or 11…

The books were based in an American high school and were about a set of twins (Jessica and Elizabeth – strange the things my brain remembers when it struggles to recall my shopping list in the supermarket!) and all the things that happened to them.

Imagine my surprise when the Big One (who is 6) brought a book about Jessica and Elizabeth home from school as her reading book!  It’s not Sweet Valley High (thank goodness – not sure I’m ready to deal with teenage topics in books yet…) but a prequel series about the twins when they are 11 that obviously hadn’t made it to the UK.  The Big One loved it and had read it all before she’d been home from school an hour.  

I am hoping school will send home a book with a younger topic next time though…

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