Thanksgiving at the club

It was Thanksgiving Day on Thursday and despite illness and jetlag we were all determined to celebrate properly.

Firstly, we watched the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade on television which was fantastic.  The girls were amazed by the carnival floats, the enormous balloons in shapes of cartoon characters (Hello Kitty and Kermit the Frog were favourites), the music stars singing songs they knew, the cheerleaders, the musical set pieces and Father Christmas arriving, marking the start of the Holiday season here in the US.

Luckily, with all the illness in the house, we’d booked to have a Thanksgiving brunch at the club.  We’d invited one of the Big One’s school friends and her family too (fellow Brits who have 2 daughters of a similar age to ours), seeing as none of us had families to celebrate with.  My Lovely Husband even made it out of his sick bed (he has pneumonia) to come for half an hour.

All the staff were working on Thanksgiving Day but everyone looked genuinely happy.  I’ve never seen the club so packed and there were lots of big groups having a lovely time.  The team there really looked after us, especially my Lovely Husband, who had been eating at the club all last week whilst we were in England, and looking very poorly!  He got to have some delicious butternut squash soup for lunch.

The food was amazing.  As it was brunch, all the children were happy to have pancakes, maple syrup and fruit as a starter!  Besides that, there were 3 different types of meat (including turkey, obviously), a huge salad bar with prawns and crab claws, an omelette station, mashed potato, caramelised sweet potatoes, green beans, roasted root vegetables, grouper (fish), sausage stuffing, cornbread stuffing…  The list went on and on and it was very difficult to decide what to have.

After two trips to the buffet and a mimosa and some red wine, it felt very much like Christmas Day!  Too much food and drink.  The children all had fun (although they didn’t eat much until they were told that there was no visit to the dessert table until they’d eaten 4 mouthfuls of beef!) and it was nice to relax for the first time since we left my Mum’s house 4 days before!

The dessert table was amazing and all 4 girls had eyes bigger than their bellies!  There was pecan pie, pumpkin pie, mini fruit pies, fresh fruit, chocolate checkerboard cake and that’s just the ones the girls all chose.  The Big One and the Little One are known as the Pudding Club to the staff at the club, as we often go for dinner and the girls play in the Tot Stop (creche) and then join us for dessert (or pudding, as it’s known in the UK!)  Even if they don’t eat much else, they always seem to have room for pudding!

After a very leisurely lunch, all the children took to their bikes and we spent most of the afternoon following them around on the local streets.  They then spent another hour pretending to be princesses (they were all ready to watch the Disney Junior premier of Sofia the First that evening!) and painting their nails.  Maybe not a traditional Thanksgiving, but we at least entered into the spirit of the day!


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