A pretty sickly week

When we left for England 2 weeks ago, we left my Lovely Husband here suffering from bronchitis. He still went to work and travelled to Canada for most of the time we were away but by the time we got back last Monday he was really poorly. A trip to the doctors the next day confirmed that he had pneumonia and so he’s spent the last week in bed (apart from a very brief appearance for Thanksgiving lunch where he only ate soup).

I’ve never seen him as ill as he’s been this week and at times I’ve stood over his bed in the middle of the night and wondered whether I should call an ambulance. Thankfully, he is now beginning to get better. It looks like it might take some time for him to be back on top form, though, and he’s still coughing and wheezing and having to go back to bed when he tries to do anything much, or climbs the stairs too quickly.

This is not the only illness we’ve suffered this week. I list them in order, then, just so I remember how difficult this week has been in future years and also for your entertainment!

1. The Little One was sick all over the airport passport control desk (and down the back of my neck and in my hair) on Monday.
2. Both girls developed nasty colds and chesty coughs on Tuesday.
3. Both girls had fevers, on and off for the first 2 days back in the US (Tuesday and Wednesday).
3. Neither girls slept much due to this (and the jet lag…). So neither did I.
4. The Big One developed ear ache that kept me and her awake all of Friday night, accompanied by a fever and lots of crying (mainly the Big One, but me on occasion too when I couldn’t make the pain go away even with Calpol and ibuprofen used together…)
5. The ear ache turned into a bad ear infection (Saturday).
6. The Big One reacted badly to her antibiotics and threw up all over the downstairs bathroom (Saturday).
7. The ear infection lead to a perforated ear drum (Sunday).

So here we are on Monday. What a week!

I tried to keep the girls away from my Lovely Husband so that he got some sleep (when he could) and so that he didn’t have to deal with ill and jet-lagged children as well as being ill himself. Luckily he felt so ill most of the time that it kept him in bed anyway.

I feel like I’ve worn a path up and down the stairs and, not for the first time, I wish I’d brought shares in Calpol (UK Tylenol equivalent). Or a washing powder manufacturer as I’ve done so many loads of washing. And thank goodness we have a tumble dryer!

This week has got to be easier. I might even manage more than 4 hours sleep a night (for the first time in 3 weeks…) Keep your fingers crossed for me!

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