It’s nearly Christmas!

So, straight off the back of Thanksgiving, we’re straight into Christmas preparations!  The Thanksgiving and Fall decorations have come down from outside of people’s houses to be replaced by Christmas lights, reindeer, snowmen and Father Christmas.

The girls have been excited by the prospect of Christmas since they started to feel better at the beginning of the week.  We’ve made a start on decorating our house too, although n a much smaller scale so far.  So far, then, we’ve made a Christmas banner:

Christmas banner

Christmas banner

And made a start on some orange and clove pomanders:



When finished they will look a bit like this:


without the small child surrounding it!

We’ve got the school book fair tomorrow.  No Christmas celebrations at all in school – there is a book exchange party at the end of term and the book fair tomorrow but no mention of Christmas at all, even though Father Christmas is coming to the book fair!  All seems a bit strange.  I’m missing the singing of Christmas songs we know and trying to work out the words of new songs from Christmas plays the girls are singing.  Michael Buble’s Christmas album will have to suffice…




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