A North Pole Breakfast to welcome our Elf

Every 1st December a little elf comes to stay with us.  He stays with us until Christmas Eve, when he has to return home to help Father Christmas with the deliveries.  His job is to watch the girls and report back to Father Christmas on whether the girls should be on the Nice List or the Naughty List.  He isn’t an Elf on the Shelf type elf but a more traditional styled one (originally from Norway he tells me…)

The girls have been almost as excited about seeing him again as they have opening their advent calendars this morning.  (The Little One came in at 3.30am to see if it was time to open hers and the Big One joined her at 6am with the same question, but she brought the calendars with her!)  The elf doesn’t do much during the day but he can be a bit cheeky once we’re all in bed.  For example, last year he tried to make some Christmas biscuits and left the kitchen in a right old mess.

Once the advent calendars were opened and the small amount of chocolate was consumed, the girls raced downstairs to find where the elf was.  They found him here:

There's the elf!

He had left the girls a Christmas ornament each, with their name on, along with a letter:


The letter was a special message to them about being good:



To welcome the elf we had a special North Pole breakfast, with the menu set by the girls.  It was a hot day today (24c at breakfast time and I got a sunburnt nose supervising the playground at the school book fair), so we ate outside which felt very strange for the 1st December!  We had:

Santa hats

Santa hats

Santa hats (strawberries on top of slices of marshmallow),


North Pole Pancakes (with red Christmassy strawberry sauce and icing sugar snow) and hot chocolate with lots of snowy marshmallows.  The elf got to have his own breakfast:


although he didn’t eat it until we went out to the school book fair but the girls were pleased to see he did his own washing up!

I will report back on the elf’s escapades in future posts…


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