Christmas books

I saw this lovely idea on the internet for a new Christmas tradition.  We wrapped all the Christmas books that we had and a couple of new books I’d brought here.  We put them in a big pile on the table for when the girls came down on the morning of 1st December.  The girls get to choose a book every evening to unwrap and have read to them.

Big pile of Christmas books

Big pile of Christmas books

Even though the books are ones they know already they are so excited to choose a present and unwrap a book every night.  It seems that as long as it’s wrapped it doesn’t matter whether it’s an old book, a new book, or even a toilet, the girls are just very pleased to have something to unwrap!

Books so far have included:

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (a beautifully illustrated, abridged edition).

On Angel Wings by Michael Morpugo and illustrated by Quentin Blake (the magic of the nativity story told by a shepherd boy who had to stay and watch the sheep on the hill rather than visit the baby Jesus, until Angel Gabriel intervenes).

Grimble at Christmas by Clement Freud and also illustrated by Quentin Blake (a very funny story about a 10 year old boy who tries to organise Christmas as his parents seem to have forgotten about it, which is great for children and adults).


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