Elf Escapades 5th December

On the 5th December the girls woke up to an Elf-Mail message from Father Christmas which had been delivered during the night.

Father Christmas himself had answered the Little One’s question about whether we could Skype him. The answer was no to Skype but he did have a small window in his schedule when he could speak to the girls on his Portable North Pole communicator.  (Parents can schedule an appointment here if their own Elf has not helped out with this yet: Portable North Pole ).

The Little One was very excited about this but the Big One not so much (I think she is still slightly concerned about Father Christmas and has not quite recovered from the shock of seeing him in person at the school fair where she hid behind me the entire time the Little One was perched on his knee!)
However, my funny children have only just found time to call Father Christmas.  The Happyland village (lots of plastic houses and people) have been very demanding of late, needing a lot of attention.  Neither of the girls have mentioned the television or playing on the CBeebies website for days!  It’s almost as if the Elf’s presence has made them play nicely with all their toys…
They finally called this afternoon and were delighted to see and speak to Father Christmas in person and be introduced to some of the reindeer, as well as see where the elves worked.
Talking to Father Christmas

Talking to Father Christmas

Most importantly, they were both very pleased to hear that they’d made it to the Nice List.  Phew!  You can almost see the relief on their little faces…

Hurrah!  We're on the Nice List!

Hurrah! We’re on the Nice List!

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