Doughnuts for breakfast!

It’s the weekend and in celebration of getting a lie in (6am this morning when the Little One came in to see us, asked if she could get up and then promptly went back to sleep and 7.30am for the Big One, when the huge amounts of giggling the girls were doing forced us out of bed before it woke up my Lovely Husband!) I made doughnuts this morning.

These were not the fiddly, yeast-and-time-for-rising sort of doughnuts but quick and easy ones.  I made some scone dough (biscuit dough for the Americans), rolled it out, cut into circles, used a bottle lid to cut out the centres and fried in canola oil for 2 minutes on each side, then dipped in sugar.  Ten minutes and job done!



For next time, the doughnut “holes” which I also cooked where actually nicer than the doughnuts so next time it will be even easier as no cutting out the dough either.

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