Here’s our Christmas tree

We put up and decorated our Christmas tree last night.  Michael Buble sang to us whilst the girls put the decorations on the tree and my Lovely Husband and I drank Baileys, feeling festive.


As we didn’t bring our Christmas decorations with us the girls and I had made lots of things (cinnamon stars, trees and hearts decorated with glitter, painted cardboard and china baubles, stars, trees and stockings) and we bought a few which reminded us of our time here so far (Father Christmas on a horse from San Antonio, cowgirls to represent the rodeos we’ve been to, a fleur de lis to represent the club, a tram and the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco, a plane and a passport to represent all the travelling we’ve done, Big Ben and a red telephone box to represent home).  The Little One had also sewn 2 owls which are destined for the teepee/bird hide (see here) after Christmas.  Add some coloured lights and some candy canes and we were done.



The girls were so pleased they spent the next hour dancing around in front of the tree in their new sparkly Christmas dresses.

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