Christmas lights in the neighbourhood

We got the girls ready for bed a little bit early this evening as we had a treat planned.  The girls had no idea what we had organised and got in their pyjamas ready for bedtime stories and sleep.

As they pulled back their duvets they found their bears holding the following:

Golden tickets!

Golden tickets!

The Big One read the back of the ticket, grabbed her bear and rushed to the door.  The Little One was more concerned that my Lovely Husband and I didn’t have our own tickets but we reassured her that we’d be allowed to come with them.  The girls jumped in the car and found hot chocolate and chocolate biscuits in the cubby holes in their car seats.

Ready for a night time adventure

Ready for a night time adventure

We took a drive around the community to see some of the lights which are amazing.  This is only a selection of the best:



Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty


This snowman was so big it made it difficult to get in the front door!


Santa was 7ft tall and waving


The bear on the right had a nodding head


The lightbulbs lighting the house had all been changed to green ones


Life-sized nativity


This tree had giant baubles

IMG_4537 IMG_4545 IMG_4542 IMG_4553 IMG_4552 IMG_4570 IMG_4575 IMG_4574   IMG_4577 IMG_4583 IMG_4582

We saw so many amazing sights, including one street that had co-ordinated their lights so that each house had the same tasteful lights around the house and front lawn.  Other houses had taken a different route to festiveness with one whole house and garden covered in lights that flashed on and off in time to festive tunes!

I think the one that made us smile most was this one though:

Festive Texas Longhorn

Festive Texas Longhorn

Both girls declared it was the best treat ever!  We plan to go again in about a week as I’m sure there will be more lights up by then.

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