Trying to feel Christmassy in the heat of Houston

I’m doing all I can to feel Christmassy – making Christmas decorations, Christmas biscuits and food, buying extortionately priced English mince pies, wrapping Christmas presents, decorating the tree, reading Christmas books to the girls, drinking Baileys and listening to Christmas music.  But it just isn’t happening.

Perhaps the fact that I did most of my Christmas shopping online, had it all delivered to my Mum’s and wrapped them on one night in November when we were back in England didn’t help – that felt most un-Christmassy!

Or maybe it’s the heat in Houston – unseasonably hot, even for here, at 28c most days at the moment.  Here’s how the girls dressed for a Christmas shopping trip on Saturday:

Dressed for Christmas shopping

Cowgirls dressed for Christmas shopping

I found I missed having to dress them in coats, scarves, gloves and hats to go outside.  It just feels kind of odd.

Perhaps it’s that the usual Christmas cues are missing: no singing of Christmas songs by the girls for the 2 months leading up to Christmas as they practice their school nativity plays, no school nativity play at all, no Christmas parties for the girls, no discussions on where to spend Christmas day, no crispy frosty mornings where the world looks sparkly.

Thank goodness we’re off to find some snow for Christmas itself or it might just feel that Christmas had passed us by this year!

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