The problem with the UK working day…

… is that you start too early (if you live 5000 miles away in Houston, Texas that is!)

I’ve just finished the third of my (very) early morning meetings for the week and it’s felt like one of the longest weeks ever – it’s only 6.30am on Thursday!  My earliest start was 3am (it felt like I’d only just gone to sleep when the alarm went off!) and my latest was 4.40am this morning.  I was expecting myself to be wide awake and ready to lead 3 teleconferences calls.

I think I pulled it off.  I even had my post meeting reports written and uploaded before the girls woke up (or at least tried to head downstairs to find me!) each time.

The girls always sense that I’m up to something in the weeks I have very early morning meetings.  To help me out they like to go to sleep late (10pm last night, so I didn’t even get to sleep early), argue and generally make life a bit tricky, so I have no hope of getting anything done when they’re awake!

I wish I felt less tired.  To be ready for the meetings meant no going back to bed once the girls went to school as I had work to do (not that I’m any good at day time sleeping unless I’m ill anyway but the idea of going back to bed sounds very appealing) and now all the meetings are finished I’ve got to get back on top of the company accounts, the housework and present wrapping in time to head off to Crested Butte this time next week.

No time for dawdling here then.  I’ve got a lunchbox to fill, drinks to be made (only tea and hot chocolate although something stronger to get me through is tempting…), 2 children and myself to get showered and dressed for school and given breakfast, all so we can be in the car in under 2 hours time.

I’d best get started…


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