Elf Escapades 19th December

When I got up to make the girls a drink this morning I had to slide on my stomach to get out of our bedroom door because someone had done this in the night:



The girls thought this was hilarious.  As did the Elf who was watching from the bookshelf, with a slightly guilty expression on his face (you have to know him well to detect it…):


The streamer doorway inspired half an hour of gymnastics (getting under, squeezing between and diving through – the girls that is, not me…) which didn’t help us get to school on time but was well worth it for the giggling it inspired.  Finally the girls decided to hold hands and run through it as if it was a finishing tape at the end of a race.  I didn’t manage to get a picture of this, unfortunately, as they did it just as I walked back into the room.  You’ll just have to imagine it for yourselves!


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