And so it snowed…

It started to snow yesterday, just lightly but we woke up this morning to a beautiful blanket of pristine snow. Perfect for Christmas Eve!

We thought we’d have another easy day but the girls thought different – they wanted to ski. We dressed up warm and headed up to the slope thinking that we’d do a couple of short runs then head back home. After those two runs the girls wanted to ski from the top of the mountain, so up we went.

It had started to snow quite hard and by the time we got to the top we couldn’t see any of the usual mountain tops. I thought the girls would be miserable but they loved spending 10 minutes on the lift watching the snow.

We did some new runs, including a scary blue one which had looked fine from the lift but was actually mainly ice under the newly fallen snow. The Big One did fantastically but the Little One had a couple of tumbles so I skied down with her between my legs (re-discovering muscles I had forgotten I had!)

Three hours of skiing later and we headed home. Skiing in brand new snow was fab and the girls did fantastically.

It’s still snowing now and the whole place is just a perfect Winter wonderland. It’s snowing so hard that we might not be able to make it up to the base of the mountain for a visit from Father Christmas, a torchlit parade down the mountain and some fireworks later this afternoon.

But it’s not so bad here – our Christmas tree is lovely, we’re drinking hot chocolate (grown ups version has Baileys in it for extra Christmassy-ness) and we can light the fire. We’ve also got some Christmas films to watch.

Happy Christmas all!




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