Sledging is not as good as skiing

It snowed this morning so we had a day off skiing. We had a relaxed morning, including a snowball fight and making lots of snow angels in the fresh snow.

This afternoon we took the girls sledging. They didn’t much like walking in the deep snow but the first couple of runs down the slope they loved. Even when the Big One stopped abruptly in a snowdrift and ended up going face first into the snow, she came up laughing.

It looked so much fun that my Lovely Husband wanted a go. The girls would not let him have a go on his own though, so the Little One, who had been struggling on her little sledge, got on with him. They flew down the hill so fast that my Lovely Husband created a snow cloud around them whilst trying to slow down. The Little One got in a panic and ended up covered in snow. She was very unhappy.

This did not deter the Big One though. She raced up the slope after my Lovely Husband demanding she had a go with him. They went even faster and created a bigger snow cloud, resulting in her being even more unhappy than the Little One!

It was definitely time for home now.

The girls decided that they much preferred skiing – it being faster, more controllable and less likely to end with you going face first into the snow!


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