Too snowy for our plane

It snowed in Crested Butte yesterday as we left to go home. We stopped in the main town for a late breakfast at Izzy’s (enormous pancakes and Bombay potato and egg wraps – delicious!)

We wandered around the lovely bookshop (Townie Books) which is a perfect little bookshop with a cafe in one half selling delicious cakes and cookies.

Then we set off for Gunnison. It was still snowing hard and cold but the roads were clear. The snowploughs go all day and night when it’s snowing, even on Christmas day!

Down the valley in Gunnison, the snow was much less but as we checked in we were told that one of the 3 flights out had been cancelled. My Lovely Husband persuaded the car hire lady to keep our car on hold just in case we needed it again! The second flight was cancelled too.

We hung around until the last moment to go through security (10 minutes before our flight was due to take off but as the incoming plane hasn’t landed yet we weren’t at any risk of missing it!)

We didn’t even try going upstairs to the gate and good job too as a minute later the flight was cancelled and we were second back to the desk to re-book our flight fir the next day and get our bags back. We had to wait another hour to see whether the flight would come in later but it didn’t so we drove back to Crested Butte.

Luckily the owners of the house we’re staying in had delayed their trip out here so we were able to stay last night.

Today we’ll repeat the whole process again. The snowploughs have been out all night so I’m guessing it has snowed hard. We’re missing the wedding we were supposed to be at today which the girls are disappointed about, especially as they had chosen beautiful dresses.

Wish us luck in getting home today!

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