Christmas Day Mk II

Finally back in Houston, we were able to have Christmas Day Mark II.

The girls had been surprisingly agreeable when we’d said that we wouldn’t be opening the presents as soon as we got home last night but would be waiting until the morning.  We decided that today would be Christmas Day the second as our plans for Christmas celebrations in Houston had good a bit awry with our extended stay in Crested Butte.

The girls woke up at 7am and raced downstairs, hardly able to wait for us to come with them.  We put a BBC Christmas carol service on the television (the wonders of iPlayer!) and the girls opened their mountain of presents.

Waiting patiently to start on the presents!

Waiting patiently to start on the presents!

We were all very lucky in the presents we received and the girls actually stopped to play with each thing they opened, so it took a while.

Finally bathed, sweet smelling (due to the lovely bath things the girls received – the house still smells nice now!) and dressed we headed to the club for a special lunch, followed by an afternoon playing the new games.  It’s 8.30pm now and the girls are still playing with their new things.  It’s very difficult to send them to bed when they’re playing very nicely.

Christmas has felt a bit strange without the usual markers – family, friends, nativity plays, church and carols (although the Michael Buble album has helped a bit!) – but it’s been lovely, just very different from normal.

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