Putting on a show

I have many memories of putting on “shows” for my family from an early age with my sisters. It started with Christmas song performances when we were tiny, using the curtain in front of the French windows at my grandparents house as the curtains on the stage, spending many minutes giggling behind it whilst we practised. We would often involve other children in the village (particularly the little girl who lived next door but one to our house) too as we grew older.

The Big One has always liked performing and the Little One is fast catching up. Not a week goes by when they haven’t made tickets, written a play and asked my Lovely Husband and me to sit down and watch. Sometimes we’re even lucky enough to get parts – there was a Rainbow Magic Fairy play where my Lovely Husband was Jack Frost and I (luckily!) got to play Queen Titania. The Big One provided us each with a script and then expected us to learn the lines and rehearse seriously. It all ended in tears when the Big One realised that with us in the play there would be no audience…

Today, the girls are expanding their repertoire of talents by being pop stars. They wanted to have microphones and as our play ones (those horrible voice changing ones which they probably wouldn’t like now anyway!) are back in the UK, they had to improvise. I suggested they find some cardboard tubes, but as they couldn’t find any they came back with the inside of a wrapping paper roll which they stuck together. They then found some tissue paper to squish up to make the microphone head.

Microphones in action

Microphones in action

And very pleased with themselves they were too.

The Big One then wrote a song called The Faces of Me which they both performed together, the Little One joining in when she remembered the words but otherwise performing some very energetic dancing which often involved bouncing off the fire place and the chairs!



Only an afternoon of entertainment to find now before my Lovely Husband comes home from work and we head out to celebrate his birthday…



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