Will you do what we say?

We went out for dinner to celebrate my Lovely Husband’s birthday last night. The girls came with us and having eaten next to nothing of the delicious food (well the Little One ate 10 large prawns/shrimp) despite our very vocal encouragement, my Lovely Husband asked this:

When you’re older will you do what we say?

The Little One, never slow with an answer, looked him straight in the eye and with a completely straight face replied:

No. We’re going to do our own thing. We will do what we like.

This caused both girls to giggle and us to laugh out loud! Obviously we should practise out stern parenting faces a bit more.

When the Little One was about 9 months old and had started running around so that she could keep up with the Big One, my Dad looked at her and warned me she would be trouble when she got older and he might just be right. Trouble, big trouble! But of the most entertaining kind to watch, fortunately…

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