My children are braver than me…

I’m off to England for 3 days later today, so this morning I took the girls to school and had to say goodbye to them there.  Normally I drive up and the teachers get the girls out of the car (known as car pool) but this morning the girls wanted me to take them in to school (something which is definitely not encouraged by the school!)

I was dreading it as the last time I went back to England without them the Big One got very upset at the airport and my Lovely Husband had to peel her off me.  It didn’t help that I was going home with my Mum that time either.

I didn’t fancy re-creating that scene in the school entrance hall, knowing that the reception team would already be frowning at me for stepping foot inside the school at arrivals time!  And it wasn’t even their disapproval which I was dreading – it was the knowledge that if the girls started crying I probably wouldn’t hold it together at all.  (I’ve become such a wet blanket since having children…!)

As we parked, the girls were a bit tearful but as soon as we got in the doors at school, they were off.  The Little One was so intent on getting to her classroom she nearly forgot to give me a kiss goodbye!

I went back to the car feeling far less brave.  If I hadn’t have been parked right beside where the builders were having their morning break, then I would have sat in the car and cried.  However, I didn’t need an audience so I had to be as brave as the girls and get on with my day.

Airport here I come…

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