Frost is very pretty

I arrived to a very cold London this morning (-2c). After a quick trip to the BA lounge for a shower to wake me up and some breakfast, I found the hire car and started my drive to my first meeting in Hampshire.

There was no snow on my route around the M25 or the M3 (thankfully!) but it can’t have been far away as I past several cars with an inch or two of snow on them. What I did get to see was a lot of frost. It has been a year since I saw frost – there’s been no frost in Houston in the year we’ve been there and we didn’t see frost in Crested Butte, just lots of snow!

I had forgotten quite how beautiful it looks on the fields and the trees. The fields were white with it, as were the tops of the trees. As the sun came up over the hill everything started to sparkle. It was just like someone had sprinkled the world with fairy dust whilst it was dark.

It was very beautiful and quite cheered me up this birthday morning when I was missing the girls and my Lovely Husband. Thank you England for being so lovely!

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