Don’t book a flight when I’m flying…

So, here I am with yet another cancelled flight because of snow. The only difference this time is that there isn’t actually any snow here yet in Heathrow.

It looks like it might snow quite a lot later but British Airways have cancelled lots and lots of flights this morning just in case. I’ve been queuing for an hour now to re-book for some other day but as I’m only half way into the queue I can’t imagine that it will be for tomorrow. Which is a big problem as my Lovely Husband is supposed to be flying to Heathrow from Houston tomorrow for work.

The BA phone line for rebooking keeps cutting me off whenever I call and online is a bit hopeless!

What shall we do with the girls? Fly them here with my Lovely Husband? Should be Lively Husband delay his flight? Will we get a choice in any if this?! Who knows. Not me, until I get to the front of the queue.

I just want to be home with my girls and my Lovely Husband. I think this might be the end of my transatlantic working – it is definitely too hard.

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