Day 2 at Heathrow

Yesterday was a very long day involving 2 cancelled flights, 2 hours queuing to re-book my flight, 8 hours standing around and 5 hours sitting on a plane that didn’t take off. There was very little information from British Airways staff but I think that was mainly as they had very little information themselves.

I was very lucky though as I had a whole team of people who were helping me out: my family! Via text, Skype, email and phone calls they kept me up to date with information and even managed to re-book my flight for this morning (thank you Lovely Husband!) which saved me a 3 hour queue at 10pm last night. Hotels were trickier but between my mother in law and my Dad I had a hotel room booked and paid for (and one for my Lovely Husband’s colleague) before I’d left the arrivals zone. This was better than a major company’s travel team who weren’t able to find any rooms near the airport at all.

Thank goodness I had all that help or I would have been one of the hundreds who couldn’t get a hotel room and had to sleep on the floor of the airport last night.

The airport was manic this morning but I got through the queues and security quickly. I felt for all the people queuing to re-book tickets – the queue was massive this morning and growing as they are still cancelling some flights. Long haul flights seem to be fairing better today, which is good for me at least.

It’s just under an hour until my flight should go and planes are coming in and going out, so hopefully mine will too. I’ll arrive at home just in time to have a couple of hours with my Lovely Husband before he heads to the airport to fly to Heathrow! It all seems just a bit ridiculous… I will be so glad to see the girls though – I never want to be away from them for this long again.

Final good sign that the plane is going to take off today is that all the first and business class people have just appeared from the lounges!

Houston here I come.

One thought on “Day 2 at Heathrow

  1. We could say houston we have lift off,but you will only know that sentence if you are an O.A.P or space nut,keeping everything crossed for you,love and hugs Mum XX

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