Pyjama party aftermath

Last night I went out with some friends and left the girls at home with their best friends from school and their daddy.  The Big One and her friend had been planning what they were going to do all week and by 7pm when the two little girls arrived with their mum and dad, my two were beside themselves with excitement!

All 4 girls were in their pyjamas but none of them looked even slightly sleepy.  The mums left to go out, leaving the dad in charge (my Lovely Husband is away this week in the UK, otherwise he could have helped with the childcare and shared the English beer!)  Now as the girls play together at least once a week and also at school, we knew they would have a good time.  At least until they got very tired…

We mums had a lovely time, drinking wine, eating lovely food and struggling to find a taxi driver who actually knew their way around Houston at all, even with the help of sat nav!  And when we got back home, the girls had obviously had a lovely time.  All the toys were out, all the snacks were gone:

No one left me a chocolate finger...

No one left me a chocolate finger…

the books had been read:

Lots of reading!

and by some sort of miracle, all 4 children were asleep (although the Big One had held out until midnight…)

Despite having lots of spare beds, 3 of the girls were asleep on the floor

Little One asleep on the floor between her friends

Little One asleep on the floor between her friends

and the Big One was asleep in my bed!

Sleeping Big One

Sleeping Big One

This morning has involved a lot of tidying up and finding bread sticks hidden in strange places, as well as dealing with grumpy children who haven’t had quite enough sleep.  But we all agreed that it was fun and we’ll definitely do it again!

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