Choosing new beds

We’ve been promising the girls some proper beds since we got here and this weekend we went to look at bunk beds which the girls are very excited about. But before we even got to look at bunk beds, the Little One spotted this through the window of the shop and both girls ran through a very large store to get to this very girly, princess bed:

Princess bed

Princess bed

Despite the fact that the girls have wanted bunk beds ever since their cousins got some about a year ago, the Little One was very difficult to move from this bed. The Big One was quite happily clambering up to the top bunk on all the different bunk beds to find the one she liked best, whilst I was coaxing the Little One away from the princess carriage bed. And who can blame her – it would be wonderful to wake up inside Cinderella’s princess carriage every morning! The Little One even promised that she would definitely, always, always, always, always sleep in her own bed every night. It’s almost worth considering…

2 thoughts on “Choosing new beds

  1. Would the Princess Bed be like a pet all those promises to look after it, and then in reality they don’t so little ones many promises to stay in bed its not going to happen is it.

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