This is what homesickness feels like when you’re 4

We had a funny day on Sunday.  We were tired after very late nights all round and this was probably why we had a very homesick day.  My Lovely Husband is in the UK at the moment and he went off to see my family for the afternoon.  He Skyped us from there and we got to see and chat to everyone but this just seemed to make it worse.

After that we spoke on Skype with my antenatal group from home, who we’ve been friends with since before the Big One was born over 6 years ago.  They were having their annual get together and it was lovely to see everyone again but also underlined how far away from home we can feel sometimes.

We tried to distract ourselves by making rainbows in the girls’ secret hideout (the large cupboard in the spare room) with a torch and a plastic prism and I got covered in food colouring when we were making swirly patterns in a cup of milk, which made the girls laugh.

Despite all of that and making chocolate waffles, we still felt a little bit sad.

The Big One distracted herself by playing Lego and the Little One came downstairs in her pyjamas, dragging a quilt from her bed which she tucked up under on the floor.  When I asked what the matter was, she said “I’m sad.  I miss my family.”


Homesickness when you’re 4

Shame there isn’t room for us all to tuck up under that blanket!  Hopefully there will be sunshine tomorrow and we can all look forward to my Lovely Husband coming home on Tuesday.

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