Hearts and flowers

Just to prove that we do really love the romance here (see Valentines Day Is Very Different Here…), the girls have been very busy with Valentines arts and crafts the past couple of weeks.  The girls have spent lots of time making cards (which I can’t show you as they are currently on their way to important people in the UK).

The biggest craft project of this week has been making lavender and rose heart-shaped bath melts for the teachers at school:

Lavender and rose bath melts, handmade by the girls

Lavender and rose bath melts, handmade by the girls

And we are very pleased with them.  The girls declared they might even swap their longstanding love of Lush bath bombs for these instead!  We would be sending some to the UK if I didn’t think the Houston heat would have melted them to a sticky mess before they even left Texas…

The Big One cut out a heart and wrote me a message at the weekend:

From the Big One

From the Big One

And the Little One made a collage for me this evening:

Hearts and flowers collage

Hearts and flowers collage by the Little One

Admittedly I was trying to get her upstairs to bed at the time(!) but it was all her own work (and I have the glue and tiny bits of tissue paper all over my dining room table to prove it…)


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