Katy Rodeo 2013

The Katy Rodeo was one of the first Texan things we did when we arrived last year and it was so good we went back again this year, this time with some friends.  As it’s in a small town about 20 minutes to the West of us, the size of the arena means you (and particularly small children) can see everything.

It was a lovely evening and warmer than last year, thank goodness.  The children were very excited and dressed up in cowgirl gear ready for the action to start.


Katy Rodeo 2013

The Little One, who is still not completely back to being herself after the bronchitis, managed to sleep through most of her third rodeo.  If you’d been there you would have wondered how – it is very noisy, with constant music, commentary, shouting from the audience and a clown to keep people entertained between different events.

For those who haven’t been to a rodeo, only video can really show you what it’s about, so here are some.  The first event of the evening was the bucking broncos – horses that really do not want to be ridden!

Following that, there was the steer (young male cows) catching – the cowboy has to ride his horse to catch up with the steer, jump off the horse and wrestle the steer to the ground.

Then, possibly the funniest event: mutton busting.  This is where 5 and 6 year old children are put on the back of a sheep and have to hang on very tightly as the sheep tries to run away!  The children do wear safety gear but the Big One has decided that she definitely doesn’t want to try it.

Finally, the event most people have been waiting for, the bull riding.

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