Children and privacy

The Big One is beginning to think about needing her own space and privacy.  I was hoping that she’d wait longer than 6 but in the last couple of weeks she has decided (quite rightly, of course) that she doesn’t really want her little sister barging in every time she’s on the toilet!  The Little One is not very good at stopping when the toilet door is closed (we encourage the girls not to lock the doors in the house), so the Big One decided some action was needed.

She asked the Little One to help her make some signs to put on the bathroom doors (clever move on her part!):



The girls put one sign on the downstairs bathroom door and one on the bathroom door in our ensuite.  For some reason it’s perfectly ok for the Little One to go in and out of the girls bathroom at any time!

As the Little One can now read, the signs are working perfectly.  The first time I heard the Little One heading towards our bathroom door when I was in there I quickly turned the sign to Closed (or Clossed, depending on which sign it is!) and waited inside.  Instead of barging straight in, the Little One stopped by the door, read the sign out load and trotted away again.  She didn’t even shout her request through the door!

A week on and there are no more shouts when the Little One interrupts the Big One when she’s on the toilet and more peace in our house!


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