Willo the Wisp

I’m sitting in my bed right now with the girls, who are supposed to be resting as we’ve been awake far too long today (nearly 12 hours in the case of the Little One and me!) and it’s not yet 2 pm. The reality of jet lag with young children…

Normally I wouldn’t let them doze the day after a transatlantic flight but tonight we’re off out for a few hours and the girls’ friends are staying over with their mum. I need the girls to be less grumpy than they are now or they’ll be no fun had this evening by anyone!

We have lots of children’s tv and films to choose from, but they’ve chosen to watch Willo the Wisp, a children’s cartoon made in the early 1980s by the BBC which I loved when I was the same age as the Big One (6). It features the amazing vocal talents of Kenneth Williams and so is very funny. Definitely worth a quick trip to YouTube if you haven’t seen it or need reminding (see here Willo the Wisp).

I brought the audio book, which only had half the episodes, about 6 months ago as I needed a change from listening to Winnie the Pooh every night when we put the girls to bed. (I should point out that Winnie the Pooh is one of my favourite stories but listening to it every night is too much!)

To my surprise the Big One loved it and even got all the jokes. I was very pleased with this and so hunted for the DVD containing all the original episodes when we were at home last week. I found it and the girls watched it all the way through without moving once.

So here we are watching it all through again. It’s very soothing for a jet lagged brain!

2 thoughts on “Willo the Wisp

  1. I loved Willo the Wisp although am now severely out of touch. Kenneth Wiliams was Evil Edna the bad TV if I remember right, but more than that and I struggle. But wow, they don’t make TV like that any more…..
    Hope nights get better.

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