It’s not Easter without chocolate nests!

It’s 11.30pm here and I have to be up extra early to ensure that we have time to go to the supermarket in the morning to pick up some bunny ears for the Little One to wear to school tomorrow. Why have I decided to punish myself with a trip to the supermarket with two small children before school? Good question. It’s hardly sensible behaviour, is it?!

The girls get to wear their own clothes to school tomorrow as they have an Easter egg hunt and the Little One decided at 6.30pm that her own clothes would actually be an Easter bunny outfit that we didn’t have! Queue big search for a completely white outfit (an ideal colour for an Easter egg hunt don’t you think?) and me making a tail out of a pair of white socks and a stapler. I’m nothing if not resourceful in a minor crisis…

Anyway, despite this and a lot of last minute Easter craft before bed which required an hour of tidying up, I decided at past bedtime that the Big One needed a special Easter surprise for her lunchbox tomorrow, so when I should have been in bed I was actually making these:


Obviously I had to try one to make sure they were ok (they were!) which is probably why I’m still awake writing blog posts rather than sleeping.

2 thoughts on “It’s not Easter without chocolate nests!

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