Making bookmarks and last minute Easter baskets

The girls love sewing but it’s quite tricky to find little projects for them to do which don’t take an endless amount of time, patience (both mine and theirs!) and supervision. I’d seen something on Pinterest showing how to make fabric bookmarks a few weeks back and thought it had potential, so we decided to make them for the girls’ teachers as Easter gifts.

Here’s how they turned out:



The girls were a bit upset that I’d cut up one of their old dresses to make the bookmarks but as neither of them have been able to wear it for some time, they soon came round!

The Big One managed to sew nearly two bookmarks completely by herself and the Little One managed about half of one before needing help, but they both loved making the little flowers and seeing them on.

This evening I realised that we didn’t have anything to put the bookmarks and the Lindt chocolate bunnies that we’d chosen for the teachers in. The girls didn’t fancy a trip to the shops so after a quick Internet search we found a picture of an Easter basket made from paper plates – perhaps not quite the chic gift wrapping I was after but the girls were very pleased with the idea.

It took a lot of staples (a big feature of my parenting today! See here) and far longer than I expected, as the girls didn’t want my assistance in making them at all, but here are the finished bunny baskets:



I think they look pretty good and all the more pleasing as they are all the work of the Big One and the Little One.

4 thoughts on “Making bookmarks and last minute Easter baskets

  1. well done girls, I think you both take after Nanny with your very impressive sewing skills I hope you had a good easter egg hunt,

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