I love thunderstorms. When I was younger any big storm would have me running outside to see the lightning, or running around like a mad thing in the warm rain and jumping in massive puddles. I wasn’t the only one at university who found storms exciting, luckily, so at least for three years I had some company (should have been a meteorologist or a storm chaser…)

These days I have to be a bit more sensible, with two small children to look after, but a good storm always makes me a little excitable. Which is why I’m writing this at 11.30pm when I should really be asleep.

The lightning started at around 7.30pm this evening, with some light rain and the odd rumble of thunder. I was reading the girls a story and then we listened to my Dad read a story (he’s sending us a new chapter of Terry Pratchett’s the Wee Free Men to listen to every day and we’re loving it!) The girls are used to big storms having lived in Houston for nearly 15 months now so they went to sleep without even mentioning it.

I, on the other hand, turned the lights off in the house (after sensibly unplugging all the computer equipment) and watched the storm, periodically updating my Lovely Husband, who is away this week.

The lightning was amazing. For over an hour there were lightning flashes every 2-3 seconds and for 20 minutes it was more than every second! The rain fell like I’ve never seen it fall before (and heavy rain isn’t unusual here – take a look back at our first months here…) Soon the road outside was awash and I couldn’t see the concrete anymore.

The lightning continued for hours and is still flashing every few minutes over four hours later. And it was amazing lightning too. Some hitting the ground not far away and others I could see leaping between the clouds – the first time I’ve seen this. It was amazing to see the loops it made as it traveled across the sky. A lot of the lightning I couldn’t see directly but the effects on the clouds was as if someone with enormous white strobe lights had taken over the sky for the evening.

The storms look set to continue for most of tonight and into tomorrow. Fingers crossed I can ignore them long enough to get some sleep…

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