The Big One loses her first tooth – finally!

There was great excitement when I picked up the Big One from school yesterday as she had finally lost her first baby tooth.  It became wobbly at the end of November, so it’s been a very long time coming!



For once, both girls were keen to get in to bed early and kept asking if it was bedtime from about 4pm onwards!  That sort of behaviour is unheard of around here recently…  They didn’t end up going to sleep very early, even though they were in bed by 7pm.

I had just gone to sleep when a voice from the doorway whispered “Mummy, are you awake?  I need a wee.”  The Big One was wide awake and when we were both back in bed, she closed her eyes and then said “And the Tooth Fairy has been!”

I asked what the Tooth Fairy had left and the Big One was asleep before she could tell me.  Here is what we found this morning:

A letter from the Tooth Fairy

A letter from the Tooth Fairy

There was fairy dust all over the Big One’s bed and I’m not sure what we’re going to do about washing the sheets as the Big One got very cross when the Little One tried to brush some off!

The letter was in teeny, tiny handwriting and covered in glittery fairy dust, as was the $2 note.

The Big One’s other 4 wobbly teeth are now being wobbled like mad as she is so excited about the Tooth Fairy visiting again.  I’m concerned that they will all fall out at once and she will spend the next few months looking distinctly odd!



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