Sunday morning, Houston style

My Lovely Husband left the house this morning at 7am to head to San Antonio for a golf thing. He’s watching a golf competition today and playing the same course tomorrow as part of a work jolly networking event. Thankfully the Little One came in for a cuddle at 6.30am or else he would have been very late in leaving.

Both girls then slept until nearly 8.30am! I was obviously awake but it was lovely to lie there and not do anything for a while.

We have no plans for today at all, which is great. We could go to the Houston Children’s Festival, which is supposed to be fantastic but after a busy afternoon yesterday at a roller skating party (more on that in another post) I think we might just sit here.

When I say sit here, this is where I’m sitting:


And here is where the girls are, watching Winnie the Pooh (the original version) on my laptop as it won’t work on the American DVD player:


The sun is warm (the temperature is perfect at about 23c) and it’s only 9.05am. If only Houston was like this all Summer…

The only place I will be moving in the short term is out of the way of the pool monster (cleaner) when it comes close enough to squirt me with cold pool water!

Happy Sunday everyone!

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