The baby birds have hatched!

For a while we’ve been watching a pair of Northern Cardinals build a nest in our garden (back yard).  It’s not in a very sensible place as it’s 5ft up in a bush right outside our back door, which makes it a pretty noisy place to be, but more sensible than the nest which was built in the small jasmine bush which grows above our front door.  This fell out last week, much to the horror of the girls (and me) as the eggs smashed and you could see the nearly ready chicks inside).

Anyway, the girls have been very good at being quiet and have suggested several times that we should go inside if the parent birds leave the nest for too long.  We can see them come and go from a window inside our house, so this is where we have done most of our bird spotting from.

The Big One and I read the bird book about Northern Cardinals.  They make 2 or 3 nests a season and once the eggs hatch in the first nest the mother bird goes off to build the next nest whilst the father feeds the baby birds by himself.

Yesterday we didn’t see the mother at all.  The male birds are a beautiful red colour, whilst the females are brown so it is very easy to spot the difference.

A red cardinal (cardinalidae)

A red cardinal (cardinalidae) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)









This is very handy as I know very little about birds…  Today I sat outside by myself before the world got too noisy and the father bird popped in and out of the nest a few times, but still no sign of the mother.  Then I heard the smallest of cheeping noises when the father bird came back (this is a near miracle given the noise of the road, the air conditioning units on every house and the pool pump!)

By standing on the table nearby I saw this:

Baby birds

Baby birds

Three tiny chicks which must have hatched this morning as there was no cheeping yesterday, or first thing today.  Luckily the girls have stayed inside and were content to just see the photograph and have a very quick peek.  Once the chicks gets bigger we should be able to see them from our prime spot indoors.  Before long I’m sure the teepee will be outside being used as a bird hide again (see here).  More pictures to follow as they grow.

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