The butterflies have hatched!


One of our butterflies hatched yesterday afternoon, whilst we weren’t here.  The girls were excited but very disappointed that they hadn’t seen it appear from the chrysalis.


This morning whilst we were getting dressed, a second butterfly hatched, so we missed that one too.


I moved the butterflies to the table whilst we ate breakfast so we could see them at all times.  And we were rewarded.  We watched the final 3 butterflies emerging from their chrysalises and stretching their wings.

IMG_0169   Painted Lady butterfly emerging from chrysalis

IMG_0178   IMG_0166

Painted Lady butterfly

Painted Lady butterfly ready to fly

The girls were thrilled that the butterfly that hatched last night started to drink the sugar syrup that we’d made for it too (and placed in a Calpol medicine spoon!)

All this happened between 8.30am and 8.50am this morning, and we still managed to only be 10 minutes late for school!  The Little One read us the National Geographic book Caterpillars to Butterflies on the way to school, so it was a very educational morning all round before we’d even got to 9.15am.


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