Roller discos

When I was a child, one of the biggest events in my small home town for children and young teenagers was the roller disco which happened (I think) about once a month at the local sports centre.  There would be a DJ in the corner of the sports hall, the lights would all be flashing and around 100 kids would be on their roller skates, skating round and round for 2 hours to the music, whilst the parents sat in the bar upstairs and watched.


On Saturday, the Big One went to the local roller rink for a birthday party.  We’ve driven past it many times and thought about going in but hadn’t quite got round to it.  Walking in was very much like walking into a sports centre from the 80s: the decor, the smell the slightly sticky floors…  The thing that really hadn’t changed at all was the music.  The DJ played a lot of music from the late 1980s and early 1990s!


The girls both loved skating, despite it being very difficult and there being nearly as much time spent falling down as skating round.  The Big One managed to get the hang of it by the end of 2 hours but the Little One still needed a firm hand (or two…) to keep her upright.


It was an excellent arm work out for me – I ached for 2 days afterwards.   I’d forgotten how heavy roller boots are, particularly when you have to pick up a child who is wearing them, over and over again!  Both girls have bruises all over their legs from falling over and my toes have still not recovered.  I’ve no idea why I thought sandals would be the ideal footwear for the afternoon…


We have promised the girls we will go back again but next time I might borrow my Lovely Husband’s steel toe cap work boots!

English: Roller skating around 1905

Obviously this is not the girls skating – the pictures I have are very dark and blurry, so instead here is an Englishman on his roller skates from 1905 instead.  Enjoy!

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