A daft dove

So, yes it’s another post about birds. But this time a dove which has built a nest in our garden. Not in a nice sensible bush, like the Northern Cardinals, but in a very open place that can be seen by all predators: the bird feeder!

My Mum brought the bird feeder to help us attract the Northern Cardinals into the garden (which worked a treat) and it’s like a swing chair that all the birds like coming to. The dove obviously liked it so much that it decided to make it’s nest there yesterday:

Daft dove

Daft dove

It looks very comfy, swinging away in the seat. It must have some eggs in the nest already as it’s not budging, even when the girls got very close for a look. The Little One is most upset that the pretty dangly beads that she put on the bird feeder to attract the birds has worked so well that the dove has built it into its nest!

When they hatch, these chicks should be much easier to see than the last lot. We’ll be able to see them through the wire mesh in the bottom of the swing! I just hope we don’t have any more stormy weather as the chicks will either suffer from motion sickness or fall out during very windy weather. That I don’t want to explain to the girls…

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