Four Seasons in One Day…

I was looking back at photographs from our time in Houston last week and I realised that the weather this year is completely different to last year. When we arrived in January last year it rained – a lot – for the first month. Then it got hot and stayed that way until November. All our pictures last year are of being in the pool and not wearing any jumpers (sweaters). In fact the girls were mainly naked the whole time!

This year we didn’t get a month of rain and it has been warm at times, but nowhere near as hot as last year. We’ve been in the pool a handful of times, compared to every day (sometimes several times a day!) By May last year we lived in the pool.

I’m not complaining – the coolness is wonderful. But it is confusing.

Yesterday I was in the girls’ school all morning listening to children read. It was a sunny morning so we sat outside and I regretted not wearing shorts as it was very warm (25c according to my car). By 2.30pm we were at the park and we were the only ones there as it was windy and cold (12c). Last night I had to turn the heating on as it got down to 5c outside before I went to bed.

This morning the girls are wearing tights and jumpers with their school uniform, yet the sky is still blue and cloudless. All the people we saw on the way to school were in coats, hats and gloves. I didn’t even buy school jumpers until December!

What is going on with the weather?! Sometimes it really does feel like four seasons in one day…

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