Raccoons on the Roof!

Just as we were getting the girls ready for bed last night I heard my Lovely Husband yelling for me.  As we had a visit to ER (A&E) with the Little One on Saturday when she bit right through the underneath of her bottom lip (luckily it’s healing nicely), I’m still feeling a bit jumpy so I ran as fast as I could in case something bad had happened.  It certainly sounded urgent!

My Lovely Husband and the girls were sat on the bed by the girls’ bedroom window, watching intently.  There was a raccoon wandering up and down the roof of the next door house at exactly the same level as the  window.

Raccoon on the roof

Raccoon on the roof

He was completely oblivious to us as we sat watching him and he’d obviously got himself stuck without an easy way to get down.

After 5 minutes on the roof, he suddenly noticed us watching him and tried to get down from by jumping into a bush which wasn’t strong enough to hold him and he spent a minute or two swaying precariously in the branches, trying to stay in the tree!  The raccoon got himself down then went on to wander around our garden for a few minutes until my Lovely Husband shouted at it.

(In case you wondered, the girls were discussing the equal sharing of the Top Trump-like cards in the How to Train Your Dragon series of books!)

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