Kindergarten graduation

The Big One graduates from Kindergarten

The Big One graduates from Kindergarten

This week the Big One graduated from Kindergarten.  At home in the UK we don’t really celebrate the achievement of finishing the first year in school.  In fact, nobody gets to graduate until they’ve completed university, so the whole event was a bit of a novelty for us.  There were only 6 children graduating in her class (the Montessori classes are mixed age classes) and it was a very sweet ceremony with the children all receiving certificates from their teacher, as well as some big hugs.  They then had a chance to stand up to tell the audience of parents what they had most liked about school that year.  For the Big One, it was her best friend and all the maths work in the classroom.

The Big One felt a little sad and had a wobbly lip (as did her Mummy!) as she is going to miss her teacher and the class very much.  But she soon felt better when we organised a little graduation party at our house yesterday to celebrate the end of school.  Her best friend and one of the boys she likes best came along and played in the pool together, with the Little One and her friend.

When I asked her what she liked best about her school “Everything!” was the answer.

The Little One was not as sad to leave school at all.  She will miss her teaching assistant the most but there were no tears at all from her.  She’s ready to move on!  Or certainly to spend more time with her big sister and me.

It seems amazing that both girls have completed a full school year here.  Today is the first day of the Summer holidays, which go on until late August.  I am very proud of both girls for managing to settle in a new school (and a new country!) and achieve all the things they have this year: learning to read (the Little One), speaking Spanish and losing 3 baby teeth (the Big One) and many other things.

Speaking of which, they’ve gained trophies this week for dance and gymnastics, as well as being promoted in their swimming classes (Mummy brag over!)  We’re now more than ready for a holiday.  More on that later…

Congratulations to everyone graduating out there, no matter at what stage of your school career!



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