We arrived in Phoenix in 100f (38c) heat but though warm, it felt far nicer than the hot and very humid Houston that we had left behind that morning. We drove straight out to Scottsdale, pointing out cacti on the way and being corrected by the Little One every time we said cactuses: “Mummy it’s cacti!”

The Fairmont Princess Scottsdale is a beautiful hotel, surrounded by the Sonoran desert. It’s a holiday weekend (Memorial Day is today) but even though there are lots of people here, it doesn’t feel too crowded. And there are 4 swimming pools to choose from, so that helps!

Sleeping, eating and relaxing are the order of the day, with a little swimming thrown in. We’ve even had nightly fireworks displays to entertain us. The first night the girls were fast asleep when it started (it was 11pm Houston time) but last night they were determined to stay up late for the glow in the dark pool party (even the water slides were lit up).

After half an hour of running up the water slide stairs, sliding down and a little glow-in-the-dark hula hooping, we headed to the next pool along to see some of the Dive In Movie. The fireworks began soon after, and we sat on the side of the jacuzzi to watch them. It’s not often we’ll get to see a fireworks display from a pool. I can’t see it happening for Bonfire Night in Edenbridge!

Although in the middle if the desert, the hotel grounds are very green and lush:

It’s a really lovely place to be. It’s a shame our (well, mainly my!) golf isn’t up to much as the golf course here is supposed to be good too.

Today we will be swimming, eating and drinking – the Prickly Pear Margaritas are particularly delicious, as is the strawberry lemonade. Bliss!


All this relaxing could get too much, so we’re heading to the Grand Canyon on Wednesday!


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