Children’s Hotel Ratings

During our whistle-stop trip around Arizona this last week the Little One started talking about “hometels” and asking whether we would be staying in a hotel or a hometel that evening.

Both girls discussed how to classify the different hotels we’ve stayed in and here’s how the rankings work:

Motel – clean bed and bathroom, no treats

Hotel – lovely bed and bathroom, some treats

Hometel – very lovely hotel, big comfy bed, big bathroom with a comfortable bath, and treats: preferably a soft toy or chocolates on the bed at night, with both being their favoured option or even chocolate brownies which can be eaten in a bath big enough for all 4 of us, like St Bernardus Lodge in California (they also provided free wine every day so a winner for grown ups too!)

The Fairmont Princess Scotsdale was a hometel, as was the Enchantment Resort near Sedona (although Enchantment Resort was the hands down winner between the two by a long way).

I will be applying the new hotel classification to all future travel posts!

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